Hi, I’m Pamela, a Canberran of many years who has been following the low-FODMAP diet since mid-2015.

When I first started this diet, I thought my social life was going to be over, because there’s just so much I can’t eat anymore. I’ve since gotten better at finding what I can eat, so I’ve created FODMAPping the Capital to help others in Canberra enjoy eating out again too!

I write posts about places in Canberra I eat that offer low-FODMAP options, or that have things on the menu that can be made low-FODMAP with some tweaks.

I am intolerant to all of the FODMAPs. I only post after I’ve had plenty of time to make sure I didn’t develop any symptoms from my meal. However, everyone’s intolerances vary, so I can’t guarantee others won’t have a reaction.

Restaurants and their menus change all the time, so check that my recommendations are still available before you make a booking.

Please share your tips for places you like to eat, and I’ll try to review them soon.Author


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  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Pamela
    I just discovered this blog through a work friend and it’s great! I’ve been thinking for years about how I wish there was something like this!
    If you haven’t already I would recommend Akiba -a modern Japanese restaurant. They have multiple menus for different allergies including gluten/dairy and onion/garlic. Their menu includes delicious sushimi and a miso glazed eggplant which is to die for and has no garlic or onion!
    I also regularly go to Soi Noodle Bar as you can make up your own dish including asking them to not include onion/garlic.
    There’s also the old fave sweet bones for all dairy free products and many gluten free options, which I’m sure you’ve heard of! Just a couple of tips! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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    1. Hello! Yes, I love Akiba too! I just need to get around to writing up a proper post on it. I usually get so excited, eat the food and forget to take pictures 🤭


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