Low FODMAP bread update

There have been lots of changes to low FODMAP breads available in Canberra since my post last year.

Artisan sourdough

Unfortunately, Autolyse is no longer with us, so their spelt sourdough is off the menu. But happily, Three Mills Bakery is making this lovely spelt sourdough loaf now.

Three Mills spelt sourdough

I find the slices are a bit too small for sandwiches, but perfect for toast, bruschetta and dipping in soups etc. It’s available at their Majura Park store, and is delivered to the Ainslie IGA every day.

I’ve also found Sonoma’s breads at Lyneham IGA.

Sandwich loaves

I have three new favourite sandwich loaves. The Helgas lower carb wholemeal and 5 Seeds breads have been certified as low-FODMAP by Monash at up to two slices. They’re almost the same as normal bread, perfect for sandwiches and available at supermarkets everywhere.

I also love the wholegrain High Protein Lo-Fo loaf that Baker’s Delight makes, is available nationally, and which is certified by the team at Fodmap Friendly.

Baker’s Delight Hi-Protein Lo-Fo loaf

Like the Helgas bread, it’s really soft and fluffy, but with fewer seeds. It’s perfect for those times when you just want Vegemite and butter, and great for sandwiches.

Baker’s Delight Hi-Protein Lo-Fo loaf

Some stores are also offering a bread roll version of this delicious bread. Check out my salad roll! So far, I’ve found them at Dickson and Jamison.

Baker’s Delight LoFo roll

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