Bibimbap at Hangari Kimchi

Korean food is so popular in Canberra, but given how much garlic is generally used in Korean food, you may have been reluctant to tag along with your friends.

Worry not, bibimbap is a delicious low-FODMAP option for us that seems to be on every Korean menu!

Dolsot bibimbap

Bibimbap means “mixed rice” in Korean. You can order it in a hot stone bowl, and in Canberra, it typically comes with steamed rice, veggies such as cucumber, carrot, beans sprouts, bracken fern, mushrooms and is topped with an egg. This one, from Hangari Kimchi in Dickson also had a bit of green onion.

Because all of the ingredients are set out separately in the bowl, it’s really easy to ask for any high FODMAP ingredients like mushrooms to be left out. The bracken fern looks a bit like shiitake mushrooms, but seems to be low FODMAP from my experiences.

Hangari Kimchi

Be careful to avoid adding any Kimchi  to your dish, and only add tiny amounts of chili sauce, because there may be garlic in it. If you want to add some meat to your dish, check the chef can give you some that hasn’t been cooked in any garlic and onion first, because it usually covered in garlic.

Mix it all together in your hot pot and enjoy!

The staff at Hangari Kimchi in Dickson have always been friendly, made the requested changes, and the bibimbap has always been delicious. Other places I can recommend are Chez Kimchi on Bunda Street in the City, Tosung Charcoal BBQ on Franklin St in Manuka, and Rogaine Chimac in Dickson.


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