Curries at the Hungry Buddha

Good South Asian curries are one of the things I’ve missed most since starting the low-FODMAP diet. I’ve asked quite a few Indian restaurants in Canberra if they can make me something onion and garlic free, and so far I haven’t found one willing. However, the good folks at the Hungry Buddha Nepalese in Curtin were more than happy to help this weekend.

I checked with them on Facebook if onion and garlic free curries were possible, and they said yes for chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes, but not for red meat.

I decided on the Himalayan Khukura and Palak Paneer from the menu, and requested they be made onion and garlic free in the online booking form. Later that day I received a confirmation email letting me know that they were happy to cater for my request.

Palak Paneer and Himalayan Khukura

When my friend and I arrived for our meal the staff double checked that ginger was fine for me to eat, and it wasn’t long before dinner was served.

The curries had good spice and intersting flavours and weren’t too hot. It was so exciting to finally have real curries after more than a year without.

The palak paneer was the dish I was a little bit anxious about, because it was so delightfully creamy. However, paneer doesn’t have very high lactose levels, and the chef confirmed with me afterwards that there was no cream or cashew purée in the sauce, just herbs, spices, spinach and tomato purée.

I ate half of each dish and took the rest home, and the great news is I felt fine the next day.

I look forward to more regular visits now!


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