Dessert at Frugii

Finding dessert when dining out can be a challenge on the low-FODMAP diet.

One of my favourite Canberra dessert places has been the Frugii Dessert Laboratory since it opened in Braddon early in 2015.

Frugii’s sorbets can be a great low-FODMAP dessert choice. There are no artificial colours or flavours. John uses fruit and normal sugars, with none of the added xylitol, sorbitol or mannitol that are in ‘sugar free’ or reduced sugar sorbets at some ice cream and gelato shops in town. He also doesn’t fill out his sorbets with apple juice like many of the sorbets in supermarkets.

The menu is constantly changing. There are always two sorbets on the menu, but unfortunately there’s not always a low-FODMAP fruit to choose from. I therefore wouldn’t recommend driving across town just for Frugii unless you’ve seen the day’s options on the Instagram or Facebook pages.

Yesterday, I got lucky and there were two low-FODMAP sorbets, banana and red papaya, so I had a bit of both!

I’ve also had raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, strawberry and balsamic vinegar, passionfruit, mandarin, lemon, and lime in the past. They’ve all been very enjoyable, and they can pack you a tub to take home if you want some for later.

365ml tubs of Frugii are also stocked in some Canberra supermarkets, like the Ainslie IGA. They usually have at least the lemon or lime sorbet tubs for sale, but you never know what else you might find. Earlier this week, one of my favourites, pineapple, was in stock at Ainslie.

So next time you’re in Braddon or you see Frugii at your supermarket, check it out!


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