Buying low-FODMAP bread

December 2017 update: Check out my more recent post on the best low-FODMAP breads in Canberra too.

If you’re not Coeliac too, you’re lucky, because you can eat spelt sourdough bread. Spelt sourdough still has gluten in it, but fructans, the real villain for low-FODMAPpers, has been broken down significantly during the fermentation process. This means that while it has a different flavour to wheat sourdough, the gluten gives it the same texture. Much better than rubbery, crumbly gluten free breads!

So where can you find spelt sourdough in Canberra?


My favourite loaves are from Autolyse bakery in Braddon. They’re available at the bakery every day, usually by 8am.

The loaf is big enough that the slices are great for sandwiches, and I love the chewiness of the crust.

Autolyse spelt sourdough loaf

It’s not cheap at $9 per loaf, but I just make sure I freeze leftovers after 3 days so I can get the most out of it.


Another decent option is the official low-FODMAP certified bread from Naturis.

It’s tasty, and good for those times when you don’t want a thick chewy crust. However I find the slices a bit small to make sandwiches out of.

Naturis bread slices on a small plate

I buy mine from the Ainslie IGA, but I’ve seen it in stock at the Yarralumla IGA. Last time I checked, fresh loaves are delivered every Thursday.


Very similar to the Autolyse loaf, but with shorter, wider slices is the Sonoma spelt sourdough loaf.

To date I’ve only seen it in Supabarn, and it seems to be delivered most days of the week.

Many of these stores are being taken over and rebranded by Coles, so I’m not sure how much longer it will be around for. Let me know if you’ve seen it anywhere else in town!

Have you found a good spelt sourdough somewhere else in Canberra? Let me know on the Facebook page!


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