Breizh Café

While travelling through France last year, I discovered that the buckwheat crepes of Brittany are gluten free, low FODMAP and delicious. And upon my return I realised I could get them right here in Canberra from the delightful Breizh Café at the Ainslie shops. Since then, their crepes have become a favourite weekend breakfast treat.

To date there haven’t been any FODMAP friendly milk options, so I stick to tea, water or soft drink for my drink.

There are a variety of suggested savoury crepes on the breakfast and lunch menus, and you can add or remove ingredients as you choose. Because I can deal with a little bit of lactose, I typically choose the ham and cheese, and add some roasted tomato and egg.

The Breizh Café is also happy to make sweet crepes from the buckwheat flour on request. So as a big fan of breakfast dessert I can’t resist a strawberry, sugar and lemon crepe to finish off my meal. Just ask them not to give you any ice cream.

I’m looking forward to purchasing some buckwheat flour from their French food supplies section next time I visit so I can try making some at home. Fantastique!


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