Bean & Grain

December 2017 update: The Dickson store recently closed its doors, but the Fyshwick Markets store is still ready and able to help you!

Recently, I became hangry while moving house. I needed brunch, and I needed it stat. I decided to see what Bean & Grain Dickson had to offer.

I went for the Eggs on Toast on gluten free, and chose to add some tomato and bacon for good measure. I asked the chef to make sure the spinach wasn’t cooked in any garlic, which is always something to watch out for. The Breakfast BLT is another feasible option if you ask them to replace the relish with basic tomato sauce, which they had in the kitchen when I checked.

My meal was served on the Bean & Grain gluten free bagel. The bagel was not too dense, and not too dry. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the spinach was garlic free as promised.

Lactose free milk was available, so I chose to wash it down with an iced chocolate. The staff helpfully checked if I could have any ice cream before putting it in.


It’s one of the better gluten free bacon and egg meals I’ve had in town, so I’ll be back again soon. You can also check out Bean & Grain’s other store at the Fyshwick Markets.


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