La Rustica

Last week, while strolling along the Kingston Foreshore, I was in the mood for some Italian. La Rustica advertised gluten free pizzas on their menu for customers willing to order the large size and pay a gluten free surcharge.

I asked the friendly staff if they could check with the kitchen that there was no onion or garlic in the tomato sauce for their pizzas. They were happy to oblige, and came back with the good news that their sauce is onion and garlic free.

There were several low-FODMAP topping options on the menu. I went with the Kata, which has mozzarella, rocket and fresh prosciutto on the tomato base.


The toppings were good quality and flavoursome. The gluten free base was so fluffy and light that I had to check with the staff that they definitely hadn’t given me the normal base, which they confirmed with good humour.

I’m fine with a bit of mozzarella cheese, so felt good afterwards and the next day.

In addition to the pizza options, there was also a salad or two that sounded suitable. I’ll definitely be back.


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